“It’s contemporary instrumental folk music but there’s definitely pop and rock elements in there.”

Euan McLaughlin released his most recent single Southside on the 13th of December. His unique music has a very modern and contemporary twist to traditional folk music. McLaughlin is a compelling and rising member of the Glasgow Folk Music scene.  

The song features an upbeat melody with interesting and uncommon use of instrumentation. Along with the traditional and timeless sound of Scottish folk instruments such as the fiddle, the track also has heavy usage of more contemporary instruments such as drums and guitar. Although instrumental music is not very prevalent within the modern music scene, McLaughlin perfectly showcases the quality and values of instrumental music as well as the intensity of emotions available within pieces of music. 

There couldn’t be a more perfect song to be released in the holiday season, as Southside allows for the music to transport you in so many different locations as it goes on. Emotion is perfectly displayed throughout the rich and joyful melodies being explored. The reason that Southside is so awe-inspiring is the capability of the song to allow for listeners to explore a spectrum of emotions whilst listening to the piece. 

Euan McLaughlin’s Southside is a breath of fresh air within the Scottish music industry and the captivating melodies, cheerful instrumentation and adventurous hooks allow for listeners to undoubtedly feel a sense of blissfulness. 

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