5-piece punk band, SLIX are set to release their newest single “Waster” on the 8th of January. SLIX have introduced a new and unique sound to the Greater Glasgow punk scene. With their use of intellectual lyrics written by Harvey Todd and Robbie Peden, distorted guitars courtesy of Paul Greendan and Niven Lowrie and fierce vocals from Robbie Peden; the band definitely deliver a punch with “Waster.”

The Inverclyde punk band explore the themes of love and manipulation through their positive melodies and the lyrics allow for the song to hold a heartfelt and genuine feeling whilst also maintaining an interesting and individual sound. Bassist Harvey Todd talks about the lyrics, saying they’re “about relationships and how important they can be to you, especially in times of need, and also the idea of being taken for granted by someone and the regret they feel when you’re not there for them anymore.” The inevitable ups and downs of modern relationships are perfectly portrayed through Todd and Peden’s writing. 

“Waster” is the band’s most recent track since their 2019 release, “Mindless”, which has definitely proved to be a fan favourite. Listeners can’t wait to hear the maturing of the band as a whole through their sound and their newer influences since these past two years that they haven’t released any new music. The group brings musical similarity to Babyshambles, Fontaines D.C. and The Snuts. 

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Overall, SLIX bring a fresh and interesting sound to the Scottish music scene with their newest track and the catchiness of the hooks, lyrics and melodies is destined to leave you singing it to yourself after your first listen. 

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