2023 was another brilliant year for the Scottish music scene. Whilst there is never a shortage of fresh new bands coming out of Glasgow, last year no one was quite as compelling as emerging punks Soapbox.  

After months of hearing stories about their must see, raucous, high-energy gigs, which are now selling out all over the city, the quartet finally dropped their debut single ‘Value Added Glasgow’ in March. Lyrically, Soapbox provide a dark yet humorous social commentary. Whilst their debut ‘Value Added Glasgow’ painted a picture of a hedonistic night out on the town, sophomore single ‘Mad Jungle Beat’ warns of the dangers of our toxic drinking culture. 

Their latest offering ‘Private Public Transport’ vents frustration at the current state of the unreliable bus and rail networks across Scotland, a struggle that anyone who’s tried to board a ScotRail service will likely relate to. They successfully channel years of exasperation and social discontent into three minutes and twenty seconds of energetic punk wit. 

The track starts out with a slow and steady drum beat as vocalist Tom Rowan announces in his gritty Glaswegian vernacular, “I am waiting on the bus”. A guitar riff mimics his notes in a catchy call-and-response, and as the track progresses, the drums accelerate pace up to a breakneck velocity. The second verse follows suit, and just as you think the track has finished, a short pause gives way to a crescendo of thrashing guitars and screaming vocals. 

Following in the footsteps of some of Glasgow’s biggest and best, Soapbox offer untapped energy and raw talent set to a fervent punk soundtrack. It’s no wonder they have gained a cult following in such a short time, and we can only eagerly await what comes next.  

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