A captivating and swaying alternative pop song was released by Snows of Yesteryear. Their latest is called ‘Danny’s Waltz’ and the romantic and warm-hearted sound of the song left me slightly dazed after having listened to the song a few times over. ‘Danny’s Waltz’ is an instantly mesmerising song with beautiful vocals and a grand, theatrical soundscape. Warm and subtle, this song truly is the breath of fresh air I was longing for. 

‘Danny’s Waltz’ is the wandering new single from Scottish alternative folk outfit Snows of Yesteryear, and it’s a timeless yet modern musical tale. It is their fourth single and a teaser of the bands’ upcoming debut album, which is due out this summer! ‘Danny’s Waltz’ takes bittersweet emotions and reworks them in waltz time, while singing about drifting away from the emotional hurt of modern living. Kat Orr reflects on the origins of the song: “the title has a specific meaning; the rhythm of the song initially came from the sound of a horse’s hooves, animals and nature are a big part of who I am and where I feel most like myself.” 

Yet these lyrics depict multiple layers and talk about how relationships can bend us out of shape, they come from a dark place during which Orr was struggling with how to move forward. “I was spiralling and seeking answers where there seemed to be only chaos.” ‘Danny’s Waltz’ is the calming core of an ever-damaging storm, a root we can hold on to, that helps us to eventually be able to let go after the storm has calmed down. ‘Danny’s Waltz’ is charming and the perfect introduction to this ever captivating sound Snows of Yesteryears have created!