Lurking under the underbelly of Glasgow’s music scene, ‘Snash’, continue to do what they do best.

What’s the Score?

Adult Work’, is the new offering from the heavy-punk, alternative outfit, ‘Snash’. Not one’s to dwell on the saccharine side of life, the band continue to explore sinister themes of alienation and the illicit, in ways that no other bands in the scene could do, even if they were brave enough!

The Single

Adult Work’, is a title that seemingly refers to sex work and follows a protagonist into his sorry downfall of going too far into the darker side of this industry. Whether this is through hard-core pornography, prostitution or sadism is never specifically stated but hauntingly inferred.

Musically, the tune follows the band’s progression into creating heavier music. The four-piece have this great fusion of punk and alternative rock that, mixed with frontman Connan’s distinctive Glaswegian rapid-fire delivery, creates a unique sound of their own.

Wrapping It All Up

They’re are many great bands in Glasgow but few have the long-term consistency of ‘Snash’. Through each single they progress into being this unstoppable force that can perfectly articulate what it want’s to say, in a way that doesn’t give a fuck to such an extent that it is unparalleled by any bands on your Spotify algorithms. All that they need now is an album to lay testament to this and with singles like these, I can’t wait to hear it!

Don’t just listen to me, Have a listen for yourself!