Single Review | Silvi | Visions

Visions single artwork

Following on from the success of previous singles like her most-streamed song ‘Burning‘, Scottish signer-songwriter Silvi aims to continue this popularity with latest single ‘Visions‘. As well as showcasing her talent in songwriting by receiving critical acclaim across numerous publications with ‘Burning‘, Silvi has also demonstrated her live performing abilities with headline slots in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow.

In this newest era of her music career, ‘Visions‘ is the first single from her debut EP. It surrounds the idea of wishing we could live an alternative life. Whilst wishing for a different life can be an innocent practice and not actually amount to much, Silvi uses ‘Visions‘ almost as a warning to be careful about what we wish for.

Notions like how some people “never let freedom feel unfamiliar” and asking “is it just visions?” are vocalised through Silvi’s haunting yet powerful singing. If you’re a fan of artists like Raye and Amy Winehouse, then you’ll love how equally distinctive Silvi’s voice is. Also somewhat channeling fellow Scottish singer-songwriter Megan Black, Silvi demonstrates a unique ability to take influence from a variety of singer and styles of music and pen her own thought-provoking tracks.

With immense songwriting and singing abilities, I would be surprised if Silvi wasn’t a household name within a few years. A song like ‘Visions‘ is so intriguing to listen to that the just under 3 minute duration isn’t long enough. If you enjoy music from the mentioned artists above, you’re bound to listen to this track time and time again.