Gig Review | Calum Baird @ Sneaky Pete’s

Calum Baird headline gig

On Burns Night this year, rather than attending a Robert Burns themed night, I headed to Sneaky Pete’s and was treated to a night full of Scottish indie and folk talents. Organised by Off Axis, Niamy Mac, Scotstown Dance Band and Calum Baird showed exactly why seeing local talents is just as exciting as seeing the biggest or most popular artists.

Support 1: Niamhy Mac

Niamhy Mac is a singer and songwriter from the Scottish Highlands who brought her endless musical talents to life upon the Sneaky Pete’s stage. Accompanying vivid vocals were Milly on bass and Nathan as her drummer. Together they transported the crowd through Niamhy Mac’s own released and unreleased tracks.

Included in her setlist of original tunes were her catchy and captivating single ‘Energy‘ and insightful single ‘Pacify‘. In each tune Niamhy Mac played, her accent and passion shone through, giving true authenticity to her performance. I was amazed at how many different styles and sounds the trio were able to implement with the little amount of instruments they had on stage. With elevating harmonising and audience participation, many songs were supplemented with a unique sound. She is definitely an artist I’d go and see again, and highly recommend you do too.

Support 2: Scotstown Dance Band

For their Edinburgh debut as a group, Scotstown Dance Band treated the audience to a traditional Scottish sound accompanied with unique lyricism. With distinctive vocals intertwining a range of different tempos, the band captivated the crowd. The group performed a myriad of mesmerising melodies that provided foundation for different stories.

Included in a setlist of enchanting tunes was their debut single ‘Shawfield Greyhound Stadium‘ released on January 18th this year. It was intriguing seeing a Scottish band retain a traditional, unpolished sound. With it being Burns’ Night, I couldn’t think of many more appropriate acts to go and see. Regardless of the night, however, Scotstown Dance Band are a group I would definitely go and see live again. Their energy is enticing and

Headliner: Calum Baird

Headlining the iconic venue was indie-folk singer Calum Baird. For the majority of his headline, Baird was armed only with a guitar and vibrant vocals. For the other portion of his set, fellow musician Jack Hinks joined him on stage as they performed poignant and personal tracks.

Songs including ‘Beauty in the Worst of Times’ and ‘Sundays In Berlin’ formed the foundation of his setlist. While political and honest lyricism have become frequent again, Calum Baird approaches this with differently. The more gentle approach with a sometimes simpler melody gives his words more impact. Alongside his released material, Baird also announced a new single ‘Una Semana en La Habana‘ which is released on February 23rd.

Much like the rest of the lineup for this gig, Calum Baird is a local talent to watch. His tunes will relate to a vast audience, and his ability to unite a room of people who have all experienced different things is amazing. I look forward to going to see Calum Baird some time soon, and encourage everyone else to do so too!