Brimming with unbridled optimism and coated in the sweet glaze of nostalgia, Fife rockers Shambolics return after a six-month absence to grace us with new single ‘Dreams, Schemes and Young Teams’

Being in the young team is no easy feat sometimes as those schemes that provide such a safe-haven to partake in youth-propelled in antics can often suffocate you. With this track, however, Shambolics are the hope that can take you forward, out of the darkness and into the light as they outline the importance of exploration through following your dreams.

The track’s production is packed with the bright nature that the lyricism works to ensure as it is impressively crisp and pristine with the indie flair to leave a lasting impression on the listener. The drums are impactful and bright, matching the momentum and frenzy of both of the vocals and the guitars. With new member Scott Williamson at the helm of the keys, this effective addition sets an exciting and ambitious precedent for future tracks from the group. The track’s climax, after a crowd-corralling repetition of the track’s title and the guitar solos existing in their own frenzy with a killer confidence, a first-time listener will find themselves begging for more and the group have and will be doing their absolute best to fulfill such demands.

With festivals hoping to be blessing all of our presences yet again this summer, Shambolics will be playing a slot at TRNSMT. As well as this feat, the Shams have been preoccupying themselves with a string of covers on their Youtube channel with the likes of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ and Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’ receiving the cover treatment. They are, well and truly, a band destined to ride the wave of momentum that they are currently on to completely new heights with the re-addition of the live sector calling their name.