Single Review | Quiet, The Art | Nothing Grows Here Anymore

Edinburgh’s post-rock duo Quiet, The Art return huge new track “Nothing Grows Here Anymore.”

Quiet, The Art are made up of guitarist Chris Leslie and drummer Mark Cameron, who also share keyboard/ synth duties. Primarily an instrumental duo, they let the big sounds do the talking for them, it’s art but it certainly isn’t quiet. Their latest release ‘Nothing Grows Here Anymore‘, is their first single in over a year since bringing us ‘Ghostly’ back in November 2021. It’s been some time but the end result is fantastic.

The track is full of heavy guitar, piercing keys and thunderous drums, it’s an adventure for the senses. Whilst the layering of the guitar and keyboard sounds pull focus, it’s Mark Cameron’s drumming that impresses me most. It’s tight and controlled yet remains interesting whilst the more complex sounds weave around. There’s also a recurring voiceover which features talk of religious imagery. Demons, evil and all that good stuff.

It’s difficult to liken this band to anyone else because they really do have such a unique sound. Hopefully there’ll be more to come in 2023, I’d be very interested to see a live performance from these two and I’m hoping it won’t be another full year before another single release.

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