Single Review | Vistas | My Head Feels Strange

Edinburgh indie trio Vistas were quiet for most of 2022, but they’ve come back with a bang. In September they started the process of releasing an EP. First there was a complete social media blackout, then the opportunity to recieve early snippets of songs by sending a WhatsApp or an email, and after a tantalising wait they dropped impressive lead single ‘Back of the Car‘. This was closely followed by rocky love song ‘Follow You Down“, and now we have what is probably the final single before the Beautiful Nothing EP drops in early 2023.

Though these new songs absolutely still have the signature Vistas singalong choruses and some sonic similarities, it really feels like it’s moving in a new, slightly edgier direction from a band that continues to impress time and time again. ‘My Head Feels Strange’ is sonically upbeat with shimmering synths, gorgeous guitar sounds and subtle drum patterns, but lyrically it is one of Vistas’ darker offerings. Frontman Prentice Robertson is always impressive vocally, and this is no exception. This track contemplates things such as wondering if anyone would notice if you’d been erased, and as such it became even more poignant for me with every listen as I noticed new details. That said, I loved it instantly after staying up for the midnight release.

I absolutely can’t wait to discover this body of work in full once it’s released, and finally seeing this band live is most definitely on my 2023 to-do list!