On their Facebook page, Glasgow quartet Petty Cassettes make a strong boast – they’re ‘true to their roots’, ‘the sound of home’. And if anything cements this, it’s their latest single Don’t Lock The Door.

An energetic tune complete with vibrant guitars, this song packs a punch with its rawness. It’s rough and real, sang in a harsh yet appealing Scots accent which gives it a somewhat rustic, homegrown vibe. It’s reminiscent of 70s classic rock n roll tracks, of 90s Britpop, even incorporating hints of 00s indie, but it still has a place in today’s music. It’s simple yet effective – the sort of fun, nostalgic song which can be enjoyed as it is without any need to pick out some non-existent deeper meaning.

The track is accompanied by a video (filmed and edited by Neil McKenzie) which complements the song perfectly, bringing the nostalgia and rawness of the lyrics to life as we see streets, garages, kids playing football and smoking in the lane. Like many of the much-loved Scottish bands, it’s clear Petty Cassettes write their songs based on what they see. No fakery here.

Having had a relatively successful run in Glasgow following the release of their first single She Said back in September, Petty Cassettes are now ready to take on the rest of Scotland. They play their next gig on January 17th at Edinburgh’s Wee Red Bar, supporting Carousel as part of the University of Edinburgh’s Indie Music Society gig nights.

You can keep up to date with Petty Cassettes on their social media channels, and be sure to stream Don’t Lock The Door here.



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