Music producer, singer, and lyricist Aneshka fronts electro pop outfit PELOWSKA, and channels her passion into creating music that delves into the realms of mental health, identity, and shattering barriers. PELOWSKA’s latest offering is single ‘Safety’, which is a soaring and thumping new electronic pop track that’s catchy, thrilling, and driving. In short; a perfect introduction to the songs and sounds of PELOWSKA.

Their compositions are loved and adored by BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio to name a few. It is refreshingly turbulent and vibrating electronic pop soundscape that is still echoing in my head, even though I had hoped for a few guitar riffs to liven the track up that bit more. Strong and sharp vocals lead us through ‘Safety’, another of the band’s singles that received plenty of streams and was praised worldwide.

Reflecting on her experiences performing alongside idols such as Errors and Wyckham Portoeus of Captain Beefheart, Aneshka emphasises the profound impact of music on shaping perspectives and fostering change. “I believe it’s time to infuse more hope into people’s lives,” she declares. Describing the band as “two pals writing music in our bedrooms to make you feel better.” Aneshka envisions PELOWSKA as a source of solace and inspiration for all.