A sweet and synchronistic set by Grayling at King Tuts on Wednesday the 24th of January. Despite only playing for 30 minutes, Grayling made a lasting impact with her well-woven song selection.

The audience was already keyed up by the incredibly talented support Sara Rae who made a lasting impression on the crowd. After performing ‘Catriona’ we saw Sara deliver a heartfelt proposal to fellow band member and fiancée Catriona. This was an exciting moment which rallied the audience and created an electric atmosphere throughout the venue. Grayling, who is known for Americana-inspired country and folk tracks didn’t disappoint as the headliner in this iconic Glasgow Venue.

CC: Zara Grew

The West Dumbartonshire-born artist crafted serenity and timelessness in her haunting folk tales of love and loss. It was difficult not to be entranced by her buttery vocals and the effortlessly collaborative performance from the band. The set list showed off new, unreleased material such as ‘Half Priced’ and ‘I’ll See You’ which showed off a more developed sound. However, hearing tracks from the debut EP Greenhouse live for the first time was also an absolute treat. Especially ‘River Song’ and ‘Old Hairdressers’ which are personal favourites of mine.

It was exciting to see a Scottish artist with such originality and character and it is crystal clear why Grayling was deemed ‘One to Watch’ by BBC Scotland. I think we will all be watching and waiting for more from Grayling as she continues to connect to listeners with her soulful sound.