With 2019 being a successful year for them from the beginning these boys kicked off the year playing along side the likes of Declan Welsh and the Decadent West and The Wedding Present for a sold out show. The boys from Dundee definitely have something to prove and if that doesn’t show from the number of streams from their previous single then I don’t know what does.

You’re met right away with the funky psychedelic bass line and rhythm guitar which captures you for the entirety of the song, I almost felt like I had stepped back in time a little as I was feeling a little bit mid 60’s. It’s tight from the get go! The vocals enter and that’s a totally different ball game altogether with the ever changing counts letting them just flow freely.

Backing vocals at the chorus give it a nice touch and really show off that there is space for harmonies with everything else that is happening, and again giving me that kinna 60’s hippy vibe, with majority of their songs taking influence from this era! Almost like Velvet Underground.

With it being so full from start to finish I feel like I was almost there to to witness this masterpiece come together, and it’s clear how hard they worked to get this together. It’s definitely a work of art that can be appreciated with a drink in hand a night full of good tunes.

If you haven’t already checked it out I highly suggest you do!