Single Review | Medicine Cabinet | Factor 50!

Recent debutants Medicine Cabinet have just released their second single, Factor 50! a summer banger just in time for the end of the season. The band from Glasgow’s almost endless music conveyer belt describe their style as “core-core” a mesh of different genres which embraces fragmentation. Factor 50! fits this description, having elements of punk and rock music, despite pop being by far the most prevalent.

A steady kick is very prevalent throughout, a simple but effective way of keeping this track high tempo and making you want to get up and move. I for one found it impossible to sit still while I was listening. The layered mix of sparkle and grungy guitars adds a nice dimension to the track as well, with the spacy reverb adding an illusion of a wide-open beach on a sunny July day.

The lyrics are not as layered as the bands previous single The Signs, simply exploring summer fun, with a hint of flirtatious energy. But all in all, this is not a problem. The track is very well produced and energetic just as any solid summer banger should be. It’s not entirely devoid of meaning either. The chorus explores trust: “will you watch me burn or will you watch me?” adding an extra layer. However, it is one that is definitely simpler than their previous venture.

The song fits the summer vibe excellently, it just screams fun in the sun. You can envision it playing in a teen horror movie, at the party before everything goes wrong or hearing it on the beach in Mallorca whilst tanning in the Mediterranean heat.

This is a great track overall, that will definitely go down well with crowds.

If only it came out earlier, there’s not enough summer left!

You can listen to Factor 50! here.