Single Review l Lloyd’s House | Heather

Lloyds House is a Glasgow based group with interesting music. The unique sound falls between a bedroom pop and an almost lofi sound. The band released their debut EP We Could Be Friends in 2021 and have since released the single Eddie. This has helped create small but growing name for them allowing the group to play shows across Scotland and England.

Lloyds House are now back with the gritty and raw single Heather. The song kicks off with pretty grungy guitar and a chord progression that feels almost nostalgic. This compliments the other tones and sounds of the track as well as the moody lyrics.

As the track leads into the chorus we are met with atmospheric synth and harmonies that create a sound that is almost haunting in a way. It is really different from what is heard in a lot of modern indie and alternative tracks so it’s a unique single in the best way possible. The bridge also plays into this difference with a complete strip back to vocals and chimes. The build up to instrumental following this quiet bridge is incredible as the building chords and use of dynamics creates an energy within the song, one would go down amazing in a live setting.

Lloyds House performing live

Another notable point in Heather is the impressive vocals. Again they are very individual and help give the band a distinct sound. The vocals are not only interesting in the way the sound but in the way they are used. Voice in Heather, acts as a compliment to the other instruments and helps create and build upon that haunting and eerie yet enjoyable to listen to sound.

Overall, Heather is a great track and shows what great potential the band have. Listening will leave you wondering what’s next from the band and when you can give it a listen.

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