Single Review | Mason Hill | DNA


Mason Hill have released DNA- a single off their debut album “Against the Wall” which hit number 1 on the UK rock charts- the first since Greta Van Fleet in 2018 and it’s easy to see why.

The Glasgow-based rockers have recently released this true headbanger which is leading the rock revival in 2021.
After a not-so-certain start, Mason Hill have charged into the global music scene with their single DNA – a track that explodes with feel-it-in-your-chest drums and rich-in-rock’n’roll guitars.

DNA encompasses all the characteristics of a true rock song from the power-walking groove to the soulful lyrics.
This track is one about the hardships of life and loss and how they’re engrained in you-even if they drag you down. Developing into a message of pushing forward, through those hardships from the strength within you to possess your destiny, Mason Hill have embodied the result of ambition and faith to a cause.

“It’s just a part of my DNA and it’s killing me”

Composition wise, DNA is a track that progresses from a soft vocal/guitar ballad to an all-out power anthem with chorused vocals and a Wylde solo-get it? Playlist worthy!

Crunching guitar tones, melodic vocals and a rock-infused rhythm form the foundation of this chart-topping tune which is taking the world by storm and has acquired air-play all across the globe!

DNA is not only the result of years of hard work and passion but a small taste of things to come for this band including their tour later this year which is selling out fast!