Interview | Voodoos

Recently I had the chance to catch up with Voodoos and how they’ve been over lockdown.

What inspired you to write your latest single ‘it’s your life’ ?

It was kind of a mixture of a few things. It’s about growing up and growing into yourself as well as apart from other people and I suppose I’m just at the age where that seems to be happening to me. It’s essentially a song about two people changing and moving on in different directions. When writing it, I felt like I was talking to a former version of myself. I felt like I had grown up a bit although I’ve still got a long way to go. I didn’t actually finish the lyrics until we went in to record the vocals and that’s where the “older and wiser” line came in. 

How’s the release of ‘it’s your life’ gone for you ?

It’s had a great reaction online as well as a few  big playlists and at the moment that’s all you can ask for. I can’t wait until we get to play it live and see the reaction there as well. 

How have you all been finding lockdown, and what have you been doing to keep busy?

We’ve been locked away in the studio writing at any given opportunity. We’ve got at least an album’s worth of songs written and loads of garage band demos recorded so it’s actually been pretty productive. There were times we couldn’t get into the studio due to the restrictions though and we spent that time playing the playstation.

Who’s your favourite scottish artist and why?

We always say the same answers for this one so we will mix it up a bit and go for Alex Amor right now. Her song Love Language is great!

Your most listened to artists over lockdown, and have you discovered any new ones, if so who? 

I’ve been listening to FUR, Bad Nerves and Wallows on repeat for months now. Recently I’ve got into Sons of Raphael who are great.

What have you missed most over lockdown?

Live gigs without a doubt. 

First thing you want to do once lockdown ends? 

Go to the pub. I can see a good few hangovers on the horizon which I’d gladly take at this point. It’s Not the most ambitious thing to want to do but it’s definitely something I’ve missed. 

What are your plans music wise and personally for once lockdown ends?

We’ve got a few things up our sleeves and targets we’ve set for ourselves. We have the songs written so it’s a case of continuing to record and release when the time is right. Keep an eye out for something in the near future though. 

And finally, your go to drink once pubs reopen?

Piña colada.