The sudden release of ‘Laura,’ came as quite a surprise, however the brief announcement was well received as this single is the first glimpse of new material since the release of ‘No Thank You,’ all the way back in 2018. Since then the former View frontman has done gigs all over, released a short cover album, and kept us going during lockdown with live streams all whilst fathering his little girl, so hats off to him.

‘Laura’ refers to Kyle’s partner and is a lyrical testament to the hardships of love, and coincidentally (or not) the timing of the release coincides with the week of the couples five year anniversary.

The track delivers a very wholesome tone throughout and similarly with all the Falconer Favourites, it’s memorable from the first play. This track is remarkable due its bold chorus and excellent production. Each verse gives off a dreamy outfit with dulcet guitar playing and sombre bursts of electric guitar here and there. The keyboard within, makes for a beautiful addition to the song, with prominent sounds in the beginning, providing a playful sense to the track and subtle use during the choruses complimenting both guitar and vocals. Kyle Falconer as usual demonstrates strong vocal energy and also uses subtle effects primarily in the verses which personally I don’t think are needed however they gave the song a soothing undertone.

This single made for an excellent comeback on to the scene and I’m looking forward to lots more new material, which will hopefully arrive this year and whilst you’re waiting on new material you can reflect back on previous works via the links below.