Single Review| Jake Roberts | Don’t Wake Me

Jake Robert’s is back with another soul-provoking single “Don’t Wake Me”. Released Friday 4th of June, it’s one that embodies a message of stepping out of your comfort zone to seeing the world in all it’s grandeur.

This track is an anthem for those who are wading through the struggles of starting out in life – the dynamic and emotive tone that ties this track together is one that will uplift all young and old.

Robert’s new single is produced by Mark Morrow who has worked with Retro Video Club and Indigo Velvet, with all proceeds raised going to Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis.

Don’t Wake Me is composed of tranquil guitar tones and a steady, energetic beat that inspires one to feel the weight of the lyrics which accompany it. Jake’s unique vocal rasp creates an instantly recognisable tone. A layered vocal laced through the track forms a dream-like chorus effect which further enforces the essence of the song.

“There are many roads to go, but you just got to follow where your hearts goes”

This track induces a harmonious trance you truly don’t want to wake from.

The bright and optimistic tone of Jake’s latest track mirrors that of what’s to come in his future musical endeavours. The West-Lothian teen already has an abundance of indie/pop ballads under his belt including “Friday Night Dancing” and his short EP “The Underground Scene”. It looks like the only way is up for this budding Glasgow musician.

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