Single Review| Becci Wallace| Swan Song

Becci Wallace has gracefully re-entered the world of music with her single “Swan Song”. Released on May 15th, it’s the last single from her emotionally charged album Present Tense which was featured on BBC Radio Scotland The Roddy Hart Show Record of Note!

Wallace uses the metaphor of a swan to convey the journey of motherhood. Infused with acoustic harmonies and dulcet vocal tones, Swan Song is on the surface, gentle and delicate but illuminated by powerful undertones of personal strife. Calm on the surface, working overtime behind closed doors.

Becci has channelled previous struggles of writer’s block and “feeling like a fraud” into a spirited, electrifying and inspirational body of work which aims to “normalise mental health and wellbeing, especially around this issue (motherhood)”

This track embodies Becci’s multi-dimensional talent as a musician.

Swan Song is composed of a begin melody that dances blissfully beside the honest vocals, rising and falling in power which reflects the ebb and flow of emotion that drives the foundation and message of this track.
The reverb in the vocals gives them their size and power, creating an ethereal tone. The progression to spoken word at the end of the track re-emphasises the unshakable strength of the words which are uttered.

“The fact that I’m willing to change doesn’t mean that I’ve changed yet and I need to be open with you, doesn’t mean that I’ll forget.”

A clear ode to inner strength and growing in the face of adversity. What more needs said.