Single Review | In My Bed | Clay Rings

One word to round up “In My Bed” by Clay Rings – groovy!

An alternative rock band based in Glasgow, Clay Rings have released their first single from their upcoming debut EP, “In My Bed”.

The mysterious but sultry bass line catches your ear which leads in to grunge guitars and a lovely lead vocal. The song explores that feeling most of us have experienced; not being able to get that specific person out of your head. 

“You’re always in my head, don’t want anyone else in my bed”. 

The layering of vocals lends itself perfectly to a well phrased and catchy chorus, and I’m in love with the cool and quick drum beat in the last chorus. 

Then comes the transition. 

Clay Rings slides so smoothly into a different realm, which I really like. A song that takes you on a sort of journey. We hit the top of the mountain on this exploration, with glorious harmonies that melt in your ears. I’m a sucker for a layered harmony, and I was very impressed by this section of “In My Bed”, probably my favourite part of the song. 

Then we hit the groove! 

The nifty bass that introduced us to the song carry’s us into the last section, which will get your foot tapping. We are treated with a fun brass section, I’m thinking a French horn or trumpet perhaps. “In My Bed” combines chill and groove. A versatile listen, that could be on a road trip, cool night in or full blast in an emotions fest. Excited to hear what else is to come from Clay Rings!