Art by Katie Taylor

Prog-rock Glaswegian quartet, Holistics, plan to kick their career off with a bang, in debut single ‘Echoes’.

Gathering from across the country, Holistics are the latest addition to the ever-growing independent music scene in Glasgow. Amassing almost 200 followers on Instagram before even releasing their debut, they aim to impress.

Guitarist Callum, who had been working on Echoes’ for a few years  said: “The track is about coming to terms with the fact that sometimes mistakes are necessary and problems aren’t meant to be fixed, it’s about the struggle of learning to embrace unexpected change and wishing you had someone to warn you of what was coming.”

The epic 8-minute long treat of a debut, which showcases the lads’ talents in a nutshell is in ‘overture’ into their career. The hook-laden chorus paired with mature guitar riffs and bass comparable to Hippo Campus, ‘Echoes’ is definitely a vital addition to your 2022 favourites. 

If you fancy a mashup of Radiohead and Tame Impala, then Holistics are for you. Keep an eye out for these lads, they plan to make plenty of noise this year!

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