The Glasgow-based band Ginger have released a soulful debut single Gardens.

The listener is instantly pulled in with a subtle indie style bass line, followed by soft vocals with a peaceful blend of harmonies.

The song builds up to a rock style, with heavy guitar riffs and an intense drum beat creating the perfect environment for the powerful vocals, offering an array of multifaceted tones and strength.

The bands first video was filmed from the lead singers living room window in the city centre of Glasgow during isolation, after the singer began to show symptoms he followed the government guidelines by self isolating.

The quartet showed character as they adapted to the new way of life by having the other 3 band members (all part of the same household) walk round during their daily exercise and play their instruments in the front garden. The video has a bohemian vintage feel to it with the added bonus of the neighbours cat.

A seriously likeable song that’s perfect to relax to in your Gardens while soaking up this great weather we are having.

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