Single Review | Feels Like Pluto | People Being People

People Being People single cover art

I can definitely see myself going back to this track when I need a boost of positivity.

People Being People‘ is the second single from alternative duo, Feels Like Pluto. The group was created in the Scottish borders by Louie Thomson on guitar and vocals, with Josh Jackson providing drums and backing vocals. Feels Like Pluto are perfect for fans of other Scottish acts like Biffy Clyro, Royal Blood, and Fatherson. The pair formed the band over their shared love for the latter band. Each of these acts carefully construct songs that reflect the moods and experiences of their audiences.

This latest track is no exception and listening to it gives the opportunity for self-reflection. ‘People Being People‘ is about exactly what the title suggests. It discusses themes like recovering from a dark mental place. It also speaks of learning to accept flaws and faults in both ourselves and others. While this may seem like a negative thing to do, it helps us acknowledge that a lot of us want the same things in life, to be accepted and belong somewhere. Sometimes the desire for these things will make us do things we wouldn’t otherwise do. Once we understand these basic things, we can learn and encourage ourselves to move on through successes and failures.

This track has incredibly clear vocals that allows us to hear Thomson’s vocals. “Didn’t take much time, to get back on my feet“, and “it’s the comeback story I’d like you to see” are in the first verse. This implies that it would be the ideal situation for us to recover quickly from setbacks. While it may be desirable for us to rapidly look and feel better, this isn’t always possible. The stigma surrounding the discussion of mental health doesn’t help this. However, “people being people” supports that we are just being human by learning this as we go.

The lyrics throughout are very supportive, they serve as a reminder that we are not alone. To support this, “it’ll work out if you give it time” proves that it’s okay to take longer to recover. Also, the phrase “it’s the same old story” is repeated. This symbolises that we won’t just have one dark or bad day. Instead, they can return and repeat depending on the experiences and circumstances we go through.

The chorus further pinpoints the theme that by sharing our experiences, we can begin to learn from each other. “I guess I’m not the only one” shows that someone else has gone through similar situations to us. By sharing our various experiences, we can educate each other. However the lyric “I’m so used to people being people” explains that it isn’t yet human nature to share these thoughts. We still sometimes think of ourselves as weak or vulnerable if we share these thoughts.

The line that resonated with me the most was “please don’t worry, we’ll both be fine“. I think it perfectly sums up the beautiful track. I can definitely see myself going back to this track when I need a boost of positivity. The words discuss reflecting and understanding the negatives to see the positives. However, the uplifting and catchy melody will pull you up and it will be difficult not to feel happier after listening to this.