Nikhita and her vocals absolutely stun my ears with her new R&B single ‘Golden Child’.

The production, the music, the vibes and the way her voice carries you away- I love it all. She’s a mix of Lana Del Ray and Raveena, and is quite the contender to Joy Crookes. I’m a sucker for voices that hit the high notes at just the right places. And Nikhita, with her angelic voice, does just that. It makes me listen to her track on repeat.

Photo credit: Diana Georgieva

The lyrics talk about how the “golden child”- or so labelled by society or family- is expected to behave a certain way, according to pre-established norms and cultural moulds. The singer moves away from these traditional ideals set for her and is therefore called “selfish”. “Where’s my golden child” is her family, the society she is raised in, calling out to her in accusation for leaving traditional values behind and for redefining her cultural and queer identity. In rebellion and in creating her own identity, the narrator is not a ‘golden child’ anymore. Anyone who has stepped away from societal ideals will find themselves relating to the song. Especially if you belong to an immigrant diaspora- this song will resonate with you, ache for you and make you feel understood.

Nikhita is an Edinburgh based Scottish- South Asian artist. Her previous single ‘Aphrodite’ has received wide praise in the BBC Asian Network, featuring her as ‘Artist Of The Week’. She has made her mark in platforms such as BBC Scotland and BBC introduction, and has performed in SoFar Edinburgh, Aberdeen True North Festival, Burns and Beyond Festival along with many other notable festivals.

Add the track to your playlists on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud. She’s currently on tour, performing at the Spit it Out Festival in Edinburgh on the 22nd of June. If I were you, I’d definitely catch her performance and be a part of a phenomenal upcoming artist’s musical journey!