Back to shower us with their delightfully chilled tones, Glasgow’s folk duo Fairweather Friends have released their mesmerising latest single “Where The River Flows”. A highly thought-provoking piece, where the guys explore how uncertainty can result in life becoming stagnant and unfulfilled, which really hits home within the current context of our lives.

The mellow atmosphere of this track is built around a moody yet inviting piano piece that is as satisfying as it is heart-breaking. This is complemented in key sections of the song with a softly strummed acoustic guitar and some beautiful cello interludes.

I loved the minimalistic feel of the arrangement despite the clearly excellent production on the track. Often I feel artists can get weighed down by busy soundscapes and wordy lyrics. On this track the duo waste no time on unnecessary noise resulting in every lyric being well-rounded and to the point.

To top it all off, the most notable element of this song and Fairweather Friends’ trademark sound is their brilliantly textured harmonies. The contrast between the two voices is hypnotic and haunting at points, drawing the audience in and allowing them to get lost in the song.

This track cements these guys as a unique Scottish talent that are definitely worth keeping an eye on. They have been doing their part to keep us sane through our time in lockdown with regular live streams on Facebook, I recommend you head over and follow their page. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we can see them live; I would love to catch these guys in an intimate setting. 

Check out “Where The River Flows” below;