Single Review | Emma Smith | Footprints and Silhouette


Emma Smith is a young and talented singer-songwriter based in Ayr. I personally love when creatives take writing and releasing the songs into their own matters and take on the whole load so we, listeners can enjoy the quality of the consumed music from start to finish. That shows hard work, dedication, passion and respect to any music lover or the fan. With that being said, Emma did a great job of self releasing two singles , titled “Footprints“ and “Silhouette”.

“Footprints” sounds breezy, light and easy to listen to. If you read into the lyrics closely, you will quickly realise that the song explores the feelings of the “new girl”, the girl that appeared in a recently single man’s life and reflects on his past relationships. The girl can’t keep but wander – was he better with someone else or with her: “If you did this with her , I am just walking on the footprint that she’s already made..” – a perfect example of the inner thoughts that the new girl is having inside her head. I loved the clear bass rhythm and a highly melodic and clean voice, as well as lovely harmonies here and there.

On the other hand “Silhouettes” explores the topic of being unsure about the future and wandering if you are moving in the right direction. It almost feels like you are having a conversation with yourself and convincing yourself to keep going no matter what. It is a very reassuring and comforting message.

The only negative that I can say, is that in comparison to Emma’s absolutely beautiful voice, the melody appeared slightly overpowering. But it is only my opinion and it did not in any way make my listening experience negative in any way.

So once again, the Scottish music scene has come out with yet another talented musician. I highly recommend you to listen to Emma’s new singles and be sure to come to her next show as I believe you will have a really wonderful time.