Sight Unseen is the brand new single from electro indie pop duo Distant Images. The first release this year from the Glasgow pair, the new single hints at a new rockier direction for the band.

Inspired by the shoegaze movement of the late 80’s and 90’s, Distant Images retain that nostalgic dreamy tone that defines the genre soundly. The duo, Jilly and Macca, have had a hustling few years since they first recorded and released their first EP Vision of Us back in 2020. They have been nominated for Song of The Year two years running by The Weekender magazine awards.  They have gained industry support across the UK and granted airplay from several radio stations including BBC Radio Scotland. There’s definitely a buzz about this band and this new single demonstrates just why.

Sight Unseen Live supporting Silvi last month

Released 3rd March 2023, Sight Unseen takes the band in a fresh direction. The opening intro is far more upbeat and punkier sounding than anything they have done before and it works. Jilly’s dreamy vocals still retain the same soft ambient sound which fans will now characterise with the band. The bass driven catchy poppy verses build towards a dynamic guitar based pre chorus which climaxes towards a fun rockier sounding chorus. After the second chorus though is where we are given a proper taster of the heavier side the band. Around 3 mins in and the vocals and guitars are downtuned enough to produce a raw grungy sound. A wee taster maybe of the heavier direction Distant Images are gravitating towards.

Distant Images

For fans of fellow shoegazing Scots Cocteau Twins or Camera Obscura, Sight Unseen is probably the strongest offering from the duo yet. Atmospheric, gritty 80’s inspired electro pop with a hot fresh twist is taking this Glasgow band to new heights.

Words by Anne Kelly