Tex and The Blackcats are set to release their newest solo outing single “Devils Soup” on the 15th of August. Tex teamed up with vocalist Alex Twist (Twistyd) and featured Pincwafer on the drums, as well as in production. The track is a powerful jumpstart for the solo releases of Tex, and it’s a definitely memorable tune. 

“Devils Soup” starts off strong with a catchy hook on the Bass that’s repeated throughout and just becomes more and more infectious as the song carries on. When Twistyd’s vocals kick in, the mood and the quality of the song is already established. With a grungy, overdriven concept behind the song, it’s almost reminiscent of the earlier material of artists – such as Arctic Monkeys’ “Crying Lightning”. Not to mention the quality of the production, which is something so crucial to the track that it couldn’t be as amazing as it is without the rock-inspired texture and layering behind the track.

When asked about the meaning behind the lyrics, Tex claimed it to be “a song about a girl who’s so capable of capturing your heart that you end up being blinded by her and forget what’s around you”. The easily chant-able lyrics that feature in the chorus, “You’re like the girls in magazines, the ones with the bright red lipstick”, are synonymous with the musical trope of a ‘mysterious, dream-like girl’, but Tex steers clear of anything that could’ve been expected on “Devils Soup” and brings his own singular sound to the scene. 

As the first solo release of Tex and The Blackcats, this one’s a great place to start. It’s got catchy melodies, fantastic vocals, memorizable songwriting and amazing production. “Devils Soup” has launched Tex and The Blackcats’ solo material to a high-quality standard and I can’t wait to see what comes next. 

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