Gig Review l Another Sky l 11/8/21

Just over a year since the release of their debut album, “I Slept On The Floor”, Another Sky took the stage marking one of Scotland’s first indoor gigs since lockdown. After a long year with limited live events and having the gig postponed fans were eager to see the group perform.

The night kicked off with support from Ailsa Tully. They played a song ranging from heartfelt and soft pieces to upbeat and energetic tunes. The group sounded perfect on stage and Ailsa interacted well with the audience telling stories between songs. Their variety of songs and high-quality performance set the night up perfectly.

At 10pm Another Sky took the stage opening with their hit song, “Fell In Love With the City.” Hearing those powerful opening chords there was an instant sense of excitement throughout the audience. The energy on stage was amazing and Catrin Vincent’s vocals were mind-blowing. The strength and range in her voice had the audience captured from the song’s beginning. There was an amazing sense of joy in the room as though everyone felt relieved to have live music back. 

The band continued with their 2019 single, “Apple Tree”. Something worth noting is how well the band uses tone and effects. Each guitar part, bass and keyboard were perfectly altered to go with each song, the overall sound of the gig was really impressive. 

The show continued with the song “Chillers” and a new song titled “Aimee Caught a Moth”. With this track, lead singer Catrin told a light-hearted story from lockdown. The entire group’s stage presence and interaction with the audience was great and really brought the gig to life. Following this the band continued with more songs from the album such as, “The Cracks”, “I Slept On The Floor” and “Riverbed.” Each song worked perfectly in the setlist and had the audience feeling ecstatic.

The group finished with their iconic track, “Brave Face”. The room felt rather emotional, a combination of the group’s strong sounds and powerful lyrics brought such an amazing atmosphere, and it was such an incredible feeling to be at a live music event again. The group returned to the stage for an encore of the songs “Tree” and “Avalanche”. 

Overall, Another Sky are an amazing live band to see. Catrin Vincent’s vocals are breathtaking and the group’s sound is truly one of a kind. Fans left the venue with a buzz and feeling eager to see more from Another Sky.