Single Review | Dead Pony | Zero

Dead Pony are back with a bang, announcing their debut EP, War Boys, alongside the release of new single, Zero.

The band from Glasgow have been slowly building their fanbase, now hitting 39,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

After roaring success with their singles Sharp Tongues and 23, Never Me, the band have really found their footing.

With a signature blend of grunge and pop-punk, Dead Pony scratch an itch you may never have known you had.

New single Zero follows suit. Listed second on the new EP, Zero released on June 9th, and immediately hooked me.  

With multiple layers of attention-grabbing guitars and clever use of old analogue sounds and samples from the moon landing of all things, the track has a unique sound.

The drums and grunge guitars blend very well, with some simple but catchy riffs standing out to make the track memorable.

The band described Zero as: “an anthem of anger and control” and said that once they got going the whole song was written in 10 minutes. That is evident in how cohesive the sound is, while loud and angry, its controlled. Just like they said.

While the lyrics aren’t the same quality as other songs that will appear on War Boys – such as 23 Never me and my personal favourite Bullet Farm – the vocal performance from singer Anna Shields is one of her best yet.

And you can tell instantly that the chant-like lyrics in the chorus will go down well at gigs. If Dead Pony decide to play this track at their Glastonbury performance later this month, it will prove very popular.

The standard is high, as Dead Pony look to lead Glasgow’s Pop-Punk revolution into a new frontier.

Each new track sets expectations higher for the next, and now for War Boys, which is released on September 23rd.

Good luck to Dead Pony at Glasto, Trnsmt and all their other festivals this summer. Although quite obviously, they’ll smash it.

You can listen to Zero and Dead Pony’s other tracks here.