Glaswegian alt-pop artist Cortnë is releasing her hugely anticipated single Lungs on April 14, in preparation for her future debut EP.

 Recently crowned Artist of the Week by The Scotsman, the hype for Cortnë’s single from her debut EP has been steadily growing. If you watch ITV’s drama SixFour, then you may have heard this track already. If you missed it, however, the official release of Lungs is imminent. When it’s available, the track is thoroughly worth checking out (if you like a bit of melodic indie pop heartbreak- and who doesn’t?) 

Lungs is emphatically euphoric. It expresses that intensely intimate feeling of seclusion, self-doubt, and anger bred from love so often found in modern relationships. The almost whimsical guitar and steady drum aid the harmonic vocals as Cortnë tells her story of bitter heartbreak. The build creates this taut melancholy that falls way to a musically fun chorus even though, lyrically, it is (beautifully) miserable.  

Cortnë has impressed with this single. It’s a song for those sweet, warm, rosy-skied summer evenings. April is the perfect month for release. One can only hope she has more up her sleeve to fit the other seasons.  

You can pre-save the single here and find Cortnë’s social media, mailing list, and other bits and bobs here

Feature image credit: Lewis J Smith

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