“A Portrait you will never want to take down”.

Jack Boa – Discovery Music

Scottish Indie Band BOOTlace have done it once again with four minutes forty five seconds of sheer indie rock and roll reflection. 

Originating from Stonehaven to Dundee, Scotland’s BOOTlace are ever adapting as a quintet of innovation whose style gives a feeling of acts such as Snow Patrol and We Were Promised Jetpacks, which is merely a hint of what these guys can continue to produce. 

Arriving on March 1st “Portrait” was recorded at Chamber Studios (Biffy Clyro, Mogwai) and Funded by Vic Galloway.

“Portrait” includes an excellent mix of chunky bass lines from Robert Tingle. Aligned with engaging drums that fire on all cylinders throughout from Gideon Leibowitz.

However, Lead Vocalist Joseph Young isn’t afraid of hanging everything on the wall to admire with these utterly relaxed but shadowy East Coast lyrics.

Ben Thom and Archie Lochhead are ever present in this musical showcase. Mesmerizing with their lead guitar and hypnotising keys and rhythm guitar skills respectively, the whole pace of this piece takes its cue from the musical bond this group clearly has.

“Portrait” masterfully invokes happiness from the listener but is never shy of having grimmer undertones of life’s realities which I’m sure will hit home in more ways than one for some, as a result of this the song reminds me of long summer days and just like those days this song delivers a sense of hope.

This song’s instrumental second wind at 3 minutes 50 seconds gives a well respected end to this wonderfully composed story.

It’s safe to say BOOTlace has gave us what we want with this astonishing new track.

So why not crack open a window and let BOOTlace fill your ears. 

These guys can go home proud.