Edinburgh artist Blue Rose Code released their latest single Thirteen Years on Friday, 17 March.  

Politically charged and passionate, Blue Rose Code have released a protest anthem infused with rage and desperation. It’s an emphatic condemnation of the financial challenges faced by those in the U.K. right now. In particular, the focus is the impact this is having on children.

The anguish in the lyricism- constant rhetorical questions, hoarse vocals-, shows the pain and disbelief the singer feels. Sonically, the brass in the folk-rock-jazz fusion drives this pleading sound. Both elements flawlessly deliver Thirteen Years’ thoughts.

Blue Rose Code is refreshingly direct with their anger. The song sounds personal due to the sheer amount of emotion. However, Blue Rose Code have written a song that could be from the heart of any in agreement with the message. Although, it may not be as musically exceptional performed by any other than this Edinburgh artist.

Image Credit: Grace Web

Ross Wilson, the man behind the music, is also donating all the proceedings from Thirteen Years to Children 1st Scotland’s national children’s charity. 

The cause is clearly something close to Wilson’s heart: “We live in the sixth richest economy in the world, yet roughly four million kids in the UK are going to bed hungry and to school with no lunch… After 13 years of austerity in the UK, it felt right to highlight these shameful circumstances.” 

Image Credit: Elly Lucas

The release of this charity single’ official video will be featuring creative submissions on child poverty from the young people of east Edinburgh. Blue Rose Code will also be touring the U.K. this coming spring. 

Thirteen Years is available to stream and download now. You can donate to Children 1st at

Feature Image Credit: Siobhan Watts

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