Single Review | Archie | Olivia

If you are a fan of Harry Styles’ slick pop style and seductive vocals, Archie‘s new single ‘Olivia’ will scratch a similar itch. The Scottish pop artist just released a smoothly produced alternative pop song with a ridiculously catchy chorus and cohesive vocal harmonies.

On ‘Olivia’ Archie unveils a new chapter, a testament to his growth as an artist. The track is a vibrant and driving one and encapsulates his evolution towards a more authentic sound and the journey he’s on to find his own voice. On ‘Olivia’ he shines bright and brings a joyful and optimistic sound, showcasing infectious hooks and strong vocals. He is open and honest, talking about the first date after a break-up and capturing the essence of newfound happiness and the exciting prospect of a new beginning.

“‘Olivia’ is a celebration of life’s twists and turns”

He is devoted to his artistic growth and commitment to authenticity and navigates complex issues such as relationships and self-discovery in an upbeat and light-hearted manner. ‘Olivia’ is a simply uplifting alternative indie anthem serving as a song of hope and newfound love.