Single Review| Anthony McElwee | Thoughts of You

Greenock based singer/ songwriter Anthony McElwee has just released his latest single, Thoughts of You, and it truly is an anthem for the Desolate Romantic.

The track appears to have been birthed from a place of admiration of regulars to the folk scene such as Bob Dylan, with maybe a hint of Gerry Rafferty. It seems to prove the sometimes contested theory that less can be more. A minamilst track, vocals accompanied by acoustic guitar, however by no means lacking in its endeavor to create a well structured and thought provoking experience for the listener.

The song tells the tale of heartbreak, and perhaps life after this. First time listeners will be instantly won over by the unavoidable relatability of the song. There seems to be some elements of self- reflection which can be found tangled within the sobering lyrics, almost like adapting to a new normality. The minimalist composition supporting these lyrics really emphasize the point the artist’s making I feel. New listeners may even experience a somewhat refreshing feeling as, unlike most pieces of work, this does not over-sensationalise heartbreak or loss. Contrary to the fact, the song is almost more concerned with the events that will transpire four to five months after the door has been slammed and the holiday pictures torn apart.

Anthony’s vocal is something that I feel attention should be drawn to. It’s raw, unaltered by heavy effects. There’s an awful lot of integrity in the performance. The subtle Scottish nuances give the track familiarity in an already incredibly relatable sensation. Combining this with a rhythmic acoustic guitar akin to a traditional style of folk, Anthony McElwee has created a vital edition to the Playlist which best describes 2023.