Oh Romance’s newest tune ‘All That You Needed’ could be pulled out of a dreamy, coming-of-age film soundtrack. It is the newest must-hear track on the Scottish Music Scene. 

From the echoed and haunting vocals to the fast-paced riffs, the song in its entirety leaves listeners interested and affected. The Glasgow rockers’ second single clearly establishes their place in the Scottish Music scene. ‘All That You Needed’ is entirely different to anything we could’ve expected since their last release, ‘Are You Satisfied?’

The lyrics of the song narrate attempting to understand a person that remains a mystery to you. The relatability of their lyrics is perhaps what adds yet another layer of likability to the track, and band overall. The innovative sounds of Oh Romance are synonymous to amazing bands such as Foals, Peace, and HUNNY. The hard-hitting, distorted breakdown in the song so beautifully compliments the bright and airy vocals. The band combines electronic music with new wave Rock-and-Roll masterfully. 

Despite the band consisting of only two members, their music is unique and refreshing for the Glasgow scene. Members Alex Campbell and Keir McLennan have only been releasing music together since 2021, but the quality of both of their songs certainly is astounding despite only just starting. We hope they keep releasing more amazing tracks as time goes on. They have a line of gigs coming up, and they’ll be sure to keep crowds lively with their powerful music. 

Check out the track and their social media!

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