Discovery Music are delighted today to premiere the video for Glasgow VHS-rock three piece ‘Stock Manager’ who released their fourth single, “Are We Just A Moment In Infinity”, on 26th November.

The video (seen above) features the group performing their stellar guitar driven track alongside a variety of emotive and intriguing imagery, all shot in the band’s wonderfully favoured VHS style. Sharp pitch perfect editing and a commitment to an engaging but not explicit storyline allows for a fascinating watch in it’s own right, all the while never detracting from the powerful source material.

The strength and intensity of Stock Manager’s performance shines through the moth-eaten celluloid, in particular the final sixty seconds when the guitar and song are truly raised a level. There’s a concise quality to their ferocity that’s quietly charming but also enables for a far greater impact upon the listener, here both visually and sonically.

Musically “Are We Just A Moment In Infinity” harkens back to a variety of massive nineties guitar bands such as ‘Sonic Youth’, ‘Dinosaur Jr’ and ‘Modest Mouse’, with Stock Manager effectively juxtaposing their intimate VHS quality alongside life-encompassing themes and world conquering guitar licks. Vocally there’s a distinct shoegaze inflection that complements the tone of the group’s music delightfully, alongside the hazy guitars and pivotal combination of bass and drums that keep the songs continually hurtling forward.

The latest single slots in well with the group’s prior trilogy of releases and helps to give a greater sense of what they’re striving for whilst also further evolving the sound. There’s a sweet nostalgic quality woven throughout everything surrounding Stock Manager, beginning life in their music before bleeding into their visual aesthetic and beyond. It’s a sense of longing so intrinsically tied to the human condition that it provides their tunes with the highly sought ability to resonate with any individual.

There’s a sense of honesty that Stock Manager’s music breaths, organically furthering this enrapturing quality laced throughout everything the group produce. It’s raw emotion sonically distilled and distributed. They feel like a band you could get stuck inside of, listening to on repeat for days upon days. “Are We Just A Moment In Infinity” is a perfectly succinct statement of Stock Manager’s intent and serves as a fine conclusion to their debut year as a band, leaving one even more palpably excited for where they shall take us in 2020.

Stock Manager can next be seen performing:

Nice ‘N Sleazy | Glasgow | w/Black Tiles | 06.02.20

Hit The Road Festival | Newcastle | 03.05.20