We were lucky enough to have a catch up with Fife indie-pop group Club Beirut for a wee chat!

What effects has the lockdown had on you as an artist?

Hey guys! This lockdown has obviously been hard on everyone. However, we are trying to see the positive side! We have been sat in our home studios day after day writing and creating more music. We recently released our single, ‘The One That Hurts’ and having more time at home to focus on the release has been VERY helpful for us. We cant wait to get out the house though.

How have you taken advantage of all the free time?

We have been using all the free time we have writing music but also we have been focusing on ourselves and focusing more on our own instruments!

What’s your first drink at the pub when we’re allowed out?  


What are you most looking forward to at your first live gig back?

Seeing everyone GET LOW, GET LOW, GET LOW!

For those who aren’t familiar with you, how would you describe your music?

Melodic Summer Anthems.

If you could cover one song, what would it be and why?

Kylie Minogue – Love at first sight.

What’s your favourite Scottish artists / bands at the moment?

At this moment, SAINT PHNX are doing bits!! We are really digging their sound. Retro Video Club are another one of our favourites. The last gig we seen them at was at TRNSMT…we are really missing festivals this year. Billy Mitchell is also one to watch!

What’s your favourite Scottish venue you have played at?

I personally (Fraser – guitarist) have one that always sticks in my mind. I actually performed with Deacon Blue at a sold-out Hydro Stadium. I used to be part of a small Soul-Motown choir who got offered to play with Deacon Blue twice, once at Hydro Stadium and again at ‘Party at the Palace’ but Hydro definitely stood out. Singing in front of 18,000 people was incredible.

Describe the Scottish music scene in 3 words?

Full of opportunity.

What do you think 2021 will be like on the gigging scene? 

Obviously things will change due to Covid-19. I don’t think anyone really knows what is going to happen. Were just going with the flow, with extra care to our own hygiene!

You have just released The One That Hurts, what’s the song about?

Its about being hurt over and over. Its basically a song about being sick of being the one that’s always in pain emotionally.

Should we expect anymore new music in the near future?

Absolutely. We wouldn’t have it any other way!