Gig Review | Wunderhorse w/ Support @ King Tut’s

Wunderhorse brought their completely sold out UK tour to Glasgow’s iconic King Tuts with Sun King as support.

Sun King

Sun King are a five-piece group who are led by frontman Seb Byford. The rest of the formation was made up by Olly Chilton on guitar, Jeanie Leach on keys, Danny Flynn also on guitar, and Eddy Ellison on drums.

I was completely blown away by their set. The band all looked like they really enjoyed this performance, Byford especially. His stage presence and voice are next level! Throughout their unfortunately short set, I repeatedly tried to figure out who I thought they sounded like. They have so many musical categories that they could fit into, and many musical influences that would correlate with them. Byford’s dancing and moving around on stage reminded me of The Rolling Stone’s Mick Jagger with the huge amount of energy he had. Musically, their sound is similar to that of bands like Electric Light Orchestra, and Queen.

Their performance was very uplifting and I felt like I could listen to them all night. Sun King played their debut track ‘All or Nothing‘ and I loved every second of hearing this song live. I would describe Sun King as very easy to listen to and they cater for various music tastes. They are a group that are bound to appeal to an incredibly wide audience and will only go on to do bigger things!

Sun King, the support for Wunderhorse


The headliner, Wunderhorse, never disappointed at all. Wunderhorse is the indie-rock alias of singer/frontman Jacob Slater and he had a band accompany him on this sell out tour. This band consisted of Harry Fowler, Peter Woodin, and Jamie Staples.

Judy Garland’s version of ‘Over The Rainbow’ filled King Tut’s as the group walked on stage. This song contrasted the group’s otherwise heavier performance. In a setlist of completely original material, Wunderhorse played all of their fan-favourites as well as lesser known tracks. Songs like ‘Girl Behind The Glass‘ quickly became some of my personal favourites and hearing these live was a dream. While described as indie-rock, Wunderhorse also have a sound that resembles grunge/alternative-rock bands including Radiohead and Nirvana.

What surprised me about this set was that they chose to play their most known tune, ‘Leader of the Pack’, very early on. This isn’t a bad thing, it was just different to most of the other gigs I have been to. This proved to make sense later on, as there was no encore. The track, which has over 3.8 million Spotify Streams, caused a mosh pit to begin in the intimate venue. Hearing this 2022 single being sang so passionately by the Glasgow crowd proved effectively the popularity of it.

The rest of the setlist included other very welcomed songs like ‘Teal‘ and ‘Purple‘ with over 3 million streams between them. ‘Teal‘ was sang by the audience with equal enthusiasm to the group on stage. This helped to emanate the raw emotion and feelings of everyone in King Tut’s. Other tracks played to the sold out venue included ‘Butterflies‘, ‘Mantis‘, and ‘Morphine‘. These are all taken from Wunderhorse’s 2022 album, “Cub“.

You’ll love Wunderhorse if you’re a fan of individual, or a combination of genres such as rock, alternative, and indie. If you are a fan of any of those, then you have to get yourself to a Wunderhorse show. They return to Glasgow’s SWG3 Galvanizers in October 2023 and I highly recommend going.

Wunderhorse (headline)