Gig Review | Retro Video Club w/ Support @ The Garage

Retro Video Club bring their indie anthems to life at The Garage in Glasgow with support from other Scottish band, Uninvited.


Uninvited are a four-piece band that formed in Glasgow. The band consist of four non-male artists which is quite refreshing. I’ve seen non-male led groups but this rarely extends to a whole band like Uninvited. The band is formed by Fiorenza on drums, Gill on guitar and vocals, Bex as lead guitarist, and Taylor on vocals and bass. Seeing bands like Uninvited getting the recognition they truly deserve is inspiring for other non-male artists and creatives. The band create a safe space for others in a similar situation, in an otherwise uncertain and male dominated industry.

Their time on stage was unfortunately short. However, this limited time was used greatly to their advantage. With only five currently released songs, the band filled the room with their energy and very catchy tunes. This included 2022 single, ‘The Party Song’. This track initiated very effective audience participation with everyone crouching down on to the floor, then jumping up when the chorus began. This encouraged the crowd to keep dancing and moving along with their memorable melodies.

Uninvited also debuted their latest single ‘Friends with Massacre’. This track is heavier than some of their others but this didn’t impact the positive reaction from the crowd. They have also already mastered the talent of seamlessly recreating their recorded songs, turning them into impeccable live versions. I loved Uninvited’s set and look forward to seeing them again sometimes soon. Having already played a mini UK headline tour and performed at major UK festivals like Reading and Leeds, Uninvited are unstoppable and it is clear to see why their popularity is ever growing.

Retro Video Club

I don’t even know where to begin with Retro Video Club. I have seen them several times before this performance and I thought I knew what to expect this time around. Retro Video Club are a trio from Edinburgh with this show being their bassist’s final performance with them. RVC are led by frontman Liam Allison who is accompanied by guitarist Sam McGill and drummer Kyle Grieve.

Their setlist was filled solely by original tunes. They enthused the liveliness and passion they all have for performing. This was reflected within the audience, with everyone singing very loudly and dancing along with the indie anthems. I was looking forward to hearing ‘Dangerous‘ which is their most recent release. This song was everything I expected and more! The popularity of this latest track was portrayed by the sheer volume when the audience relayed the lyrics back.

In addition to their recent single, RVC filled the venue with their other popular tracks. The anthem-filled setlist included 2018 single ‘Chemistry‘, and 2017 tune ‘Psycho‘. My personal favourite ‘Cloud Nine‘ was also played and they just brought all these songs to life. They also played all four songs from 2022 EP “Situations“, finishing the show with ‘Boys Like Me‘.

They have already created a resume of both impressive support and headline slots. Retro Video Club have supported big indie and rock names like The Libertines, The Hunna, and more recently, The Kooks. This has helped them add to an exciting list of venues both in Glasgow and Edinburgh. RVC have also played in, and sold out, venues as a headline including Glasgow’s SWG3 and King Tut’s as well as Edinburgh’s Mash House and Liquid Rooms. You can catch the trio add to their venue list at Stag and Dagger Festival in Edinburgh on April 29th as well as a show in the Scottish Borders at Galasheils in May.

Every time I go and see Retro Video Club at a gig, I am always blown away. The atmosphere at their gigs is always immense and RVC are filled with so much enthusiasm for playing live that it is always so captivating watching them. Each of their personalities and talents shine through so clearly. They are so mesmerising to watch and seeing such anthemic songs come alive before me is something I will never get used to. There has never been a band I have recommended seeing live as much as Retro Video Club. I think their sound is universal, this showed in the crowd which included people of various age groups.