Gig Review | Wunderhorse @ SWG3 Galvanizers

Wunderhorse tour poster

“An electric energy that matched the power behind the group’s performance.”

March 2023 saw Wunderhorse play a headline show in Glasgow’s King Tut’s that sold out in a matter of minutes. With Glasgow making such an incredible impression on them, Wunderhorse made their highly anticipated return on October 29th to play SWG3 Galvanizers.

While this venue is much bigger in capacity than the intimate King Tut’s, this didn’t prevent the tickets flying out. The packed venue was just another on the long list that the band have sold out. Joined by Irish five-piece Basht, this was a memorable night filled with immense talent and an electric atmosphere.


Five-piece band Basht were first to take to the stage. As they began to play their setlist of original material, they immediately drew the Glasgow crowd in. The Irish group’s distinctive yet somehow also familiar sound intrigued the room. Their influences are described as “eclectic” and this reflects in their sound which fits the same description. Basht’s sound is hard to categorise but they seem to be quite content with this, it allows them to explore various genres without being tied down to a particular sound.

Their amazingly addictive songs are the result of frontman/lead singer Jack Leavey as well as Luke O’Neill on drums, Rossa Healy and Sam Duffy both on guitar, and Louis Christle on bass. With their original songs including their infectious 2022 single ‘Tomorrow‘, it is clear to see where Basht pull musical influence from. The Velvet Underground and The Strokes are just two groups that have universally impacted music, and such impact can be heard through this track.

However, despite slight musical similarities, Basht have really proved that they can create unique tunes that will set them apart from a generation of music that sometimes sounds too alike. They successfully created a lively environment that set the bar high for the rest of the gig. They are absolutely a band to watch, their passion and drive for performing makes them destined for big things.


The four members of Wunderhorse walked onto the stage to the sound of over a thousand people cheering and clapping. Before they’d even started playing, it was already evident just how incredible this gig was going to be. Like in their King Tut’s gig, they played one of their most popular tunes, ‘Leader of the Pack‘, quite early on. This didn’t stop the passion from the crowd. Rather, it further fuelled their enthusiasm.

Mixing slower songs with slightly more energetic tracks was expertly done. The energy that, for many, would normally be expressed by jumping into mosh pits was instead channeled through powerful singing and cheering. At times, this audience participation was much louder than frontman Jacob Slater who was accompanied on stage by Harry Fowler, Jamies Staples, and Peter Woodin.

Every guitar riff and tune was sang passionately by the crowd who proudly joined in with some of their favourite tracks. This was evident when playing slower tunes including ‘Butterflies‘, ‘Girl Behind The Glass‘, ‘17‘, and ‘Purple‘ which was played for the encore. In each of these, the choruses were sung loudly back to the band, creating an electric energy that matched the power behind the group’s performance.

As soon as the opening riff of ‘Teal‘ was heard, the crowd erupted. The talkative and easy to follow lyrics were returned to the band with such vigour and passion that, again, Slater couldn’t be heard at points. This is one of the best songs I’ve ever witnessed being played, the energy that it creates at each gig is surreal. It’s one of those experiences you can never feel by simply reading about it. It’s impossible to even begin to understand the effect this song has on a crowd unless you’re part of that crowd yourself.

Wunderhorse are one of the best bands I have ever seen live. They make playing live look so effortless, demonstrating just how immensely talented they are.