Gig Review | Wargasm | SWG3 | 12.12.23

Nice to meet you, nice to see you again! What I need from you, is your ENERGY! Sam Matlock shouts to the Glasgow hyped crowd in SWG3 as they welcome the electrifying duo ‘Wargasm‘! 

The British rock duo came in hard!! Opening with ‘Venom‘ on their ‘Venom’ tour and what a way to start the night with a bang! 

CC: 📸 Jessica Rose Lena // Wargasm Facebook Page

The duo rock but they bring sounds of electronic meets screamo meets rock and metal and also sounds of sassy vocals and rap!

 My whole body felt the vibrations from the hard-hitting sounds these guys make! And four songs in it went to a whole new level as they played ‘Fukstar‘ which was clearly a fan-favourite as the crowd roared! 

The dynamic duo have recently released their first album called ‘Venom’ and included some new tracks in their setlist including ‘S.A.D‘, ‘Outrage‘, and ‘Do It So Good‘. 

One of my favourites of the night was ‘Modern Love’ which has a synthy cool sound to it and features top vocals from Milky Way. In particular, I loved how they added a cool acapella outro sound style to this song.  

CC: 📸 Jessica Rose Lena // Wargasm Facebook Page

A sea of crowd surfers erupted among the mosh and circle pits for top hit ‘Bang Ya Head‘ which features iconic legend Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit) on the track, but Glasgow was in for an amazing treat as we were greeted with guest Janine Shilstone (Vukovi) on vocals who also did an outstanding job getting the crowd hyped and opening a pit up! 

The encore was phenomenal starting the encore with a track called ‘D.R.I.L.D.O‘ which felt like the icon of songs as the unison and chanting coming from fans. I sensed it was a total crowd-pleaser! 

CC: 📸 Jessica Rose Lena // Wargasm Facebook Page

But when things felt like they couldn’t get any better, the final song of the night ‘Spit‘ went over the scale with the energy in the room. These guys really know how to do an encore and how to end the night on an absolute high when I couldn’t think they would top their energy they came back with a total whack!  

I’d absolutely go and see these guys again, and be prepared for a sweatfest! They get your energy up, they get your body vibrating and don’t forget to come prepared to move, move, move! 

Check out their new album, and get on board with the Wargasm family, as they are definitely going to be going places!!