Being in a two piece band can be really hard work. With the absence of a bass, second guitar, maybe a synth, you’ve got a big job to do trying to fill those musical gaps and frequencies.

Too Red filled out the sound with ease. The riff happy duo played their EP ‘Way Out’ in its entirety and did not miss a beat. Eve Davidson dawning her true to brand, cherry red Gibson SG, played hard hitting, hammering riffs, with a deep fuzz sound ringing from the stage. Emily Irving played cool, calm and collected always on point with tight technical fills, keeping on top of the backing track which swayed between songs with entrancing, distorted, arcade like sounds. The pair shared the vocals and rung out chiming harmonies with attitude, which reminded me of Nirvanas iconic Unplugged performance and the vocal hum and balance Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain shared.

The first song on the EP and on the setlist was ‘Anywhere’. Which really stood out to me amongst the bunch because it pulls you in rapidly and introduces what the pair are all about. With the track crackling and humming, the riff biting and the hard hitting drums. The crowd is a field of headbangers in no time. Excellent song. As were they all but another one that really caught my ear was Control. The chorus is a melodic dream. Really simple yet super catchy. I found myself humming it as I brushed my teeth before bed that night. And if the tune’s still rolling around in people’s heads at that point in the evening, I’d say you’re onto a winner.

I got the chance to talk to the band before the show. We talked about the pros and cons of being in a two piece.

Emily Irving said, “I think it’s easier. I’m in a five piece band and I feel it’s harder to manage. More people to worry about.”

To which Eve added with a laugh, “The only thing that’s tricky for me, is I want to play all these really cool riffs I have, but trying to sing them at the same time is a nightmare!”

We also spoke about the recent cover they did of Royals Blood’s song ‘Little Monster’ which blew up online and even got replies and recognition from the band themselves!

 “I was crying.” Eve beamed. The duo hail Royal Blood as a major influence to them being a UK based two piece who has had big success.

Too Red are only just starting this journey and are already on a solid path. After a cracker of a gig like that, it will be a joy to watch their career grow and watch them progress through Scotland’s booming music scene!