Photo by Lucie Cameron

On April 30th, in the midst of Glasgow’s ever growing live music scene, Scotland’s own Tom Walker took to the stage of the O2 Academy. Performing his set that demonstrated pure raw emotions and infectious energy. Opening his set with “Holy Ghost,” Walker wasted no time in drawing in the audience with his wildly impressive vocals and stage presence. The intense flashing lights and drum build up to him coming on stage only added to this. 

Walker took the crowd on a personal journey through his music, with a nice blend of folk, pop, and soul. His whole show was a massive testament to his versatility as an artist from his determination to promote the importance of mental health, his easy transition from ballads to high-energy anthems to his jokey storytelling, and the audience loved all equally. 

For me, there was many highlights throughout the performance, but when Walker introduced the song “Burn” with quote: “I wanna see you waving…I wanna see you dancing…I wanna see you singing.” The crowd did not hold back. These words felt like a demand rather than a request, sparking energy throughout the crowd as they joined in together to sing along.

Photo by Lucie Cameron

Another memorable moment that felt quite personal was when Walker humbly confessing to the audience, “It is my first time attempting to play piano on tour.” His vulnerability and authenticity was shown once again giving the audience an insight into his willingness to embrace challenges when performing.

Throughout the night, Walker’s lyrics resonated with the audience, with common themes of love, loss, and resilience. “There are only so many times you can pour your heart and your soul into a song.” His words served as a reminder of the depth and sincerity that permeates his music.

In addition to showcasing his musical talent, Walker’s connection with the audience was evident. Halfway through the set, he stopped to acknowledge a heartwarming moment in the crowd, announcing an engagement with total excitement for a “lovely couple”. Wholesome was the vibe of the night. 

As the show was coming to an end, Walker performed his well known fan-favourite “Leave a Light On.” Everything from the yellow toned steady lighting to the audience singing along to every word made it the perfect ending to the perfect show. It was a more than fitting song to end on, leaving the audience inspired by Walker’s undeniable talent and passion for music. I definitely felt extremely fortunate to be in attendance. 

Photo by Lucie Cameron