Fans of The Slow Readers Club finally had the privilege of dusting off their tickets for their current tour. Albeit eighteen months later than initially hoped for. The fifth night of the tour brought the Slow Readers Club to Edinburgh. Their first Scottish gig in just under two years and the first chance to hear a new setlist.

Support Act: The Clause

On this particular occasion the band were accompanied by Birmingham four-piece The Clause. Upon first inspection the collective style of the band suggested they could have provided any sound. Synth pop, folk you name it. But as any good band should; they let the instruments to do the talking. A fusion of gripping electronics, chaotic guitar hooks and their energy as a whole communicated that;  The Clause, from Birmingham are a powerhouse. Highlight tracks included ‘Time of Our Lives’ and forthcoming single ‘Cruella.’ Both of which had people at the barrier jumping and singing along ‘And not forgetting; a sample of Wildchild’s ‘Renegade Master’ introducing ‘In My Element.’ Building up even more excitement amongst the crowd for the headliner.

Headliner: The Slow Readers Club

After a quick change over it was time. The wait was finally over, which funnily enough opened the set. From the first to the last note played, the crowd were loving it, singing along and cavorting non stop.

The middle section mostly consisted of newer songs, primarily from their fourth studio album. Enlightened by exceptional guitar technique in songs like ‘Killing Me’ and ‘All I Hear.’ Hearing ‘Jericho’ for the first time was an incredible experience. We were also treated to the first ever live rendition of ‘All the Idols.’ For me it was the best track of the night. Every track gained an excellent reception particularly the new ones. Of course, in Slow Reader’s fashion the older tracks gained an elongated chanting of ‘Reader’. However, to my surprise ‘On The TV’ was not the track everyone went wild for. It was in fact ‘Feet on Fire’, an incredible track to dance to all the same.

It’s impossible to write about this gig without mentioning the pristine sound produced by the band and technicians. Each member mastered their instrument, and the sound was distinctly polished. The light show throughout the gig was also a landmark of the event. Strobes, colour changes and spotlights shadowing the band made it hard to believe all this was done in a 700 capacity setting. As usual, the interaction between frontman Aaron Starkie and gig goers was something special. He made us in Scotland feel special and stopped to commend dedicated followers. Including fans from as far as the United States as well as a few Scottish regulars.

In all an another incredibly gig hosted by The Slow Readers Club.  Everyone there deserved the enjoyment they witnessed and more importantly The Slow Readers Club deserve the devoted fanbase they’ve built up these past eight years. Who knows when the next event will be, but I bet it will be just as brilliant as the last.