Gig Review | Red Rum Club + Sheafs | King Tuts | 29.09.21

Red Rum Club return to Glasgow with a sold-out show at King Tuts.

The Liverpool rockers with support from Sheffield lads, Sheafs, deliver an unforgettablly vibrant performance. Melodies injected with raw energy that compelled you to dance made for an insane gig.

Sheafs take the stage, their uniqness immediately apparent. A musical blend of alternative/indie/punk spills from the FOH. Comprised of warm, ringing guitar tones that are tranquil and soothing in contrast to frontman, Lawrence Feensta’s vocals which are gritty and punk-esk in nature.

The dynamic execution on stage was received well by the audience, with crowds feeding off the almost electric atmosphere, some new-found fans reciting lyrics. An electic setlist featured some teeth-bearing headbangers – a mix of distorted guitars, fast-paced drums and Feensta’s unique tone brought Tut’s to life.
Blending their heavier work with some looser, guitar centered tracks that still packed a punch. The potential in their music is prevelant. Catch their new album Vox Pop streaming on platforms now.

A quick set change built anticipation for the headliners to take the stage – Red Rum Club.

Making an entrance with red low-lights, the Liverpool 6-piece hit the ground running with ‘Nightcalling’ and ‘Vivo’. Both vibrant openers, packed with zestful melodies, one couldn’t help but get swept up by the resounding response. Immediately setting the crowd on fire, the sold-out venue jumping.

The intimate venue charged with excitement. Everyone singing and dancing along to the carribean-infused rhythms that moved through you. Red Rum Club bring originality to the table by blending instruments, not typically associated with rock like trumpets and tambourines which breathe authenticity into their sound. The support from the audience also added to the atmosphere and cemented this gig as a favourite of mine.

Exhilarating and enticing, each track offered up a new thread of talent from the lads, showcasing musical diversity and their ability to capture an audience with reverence. Red Rum Club’s music is the epitome of fun, to listen to and watch live. They’re latest single Love Me Like You Wanna Be Loved” is killer live. Trumpet sections, smooth guitars and a road-trip-singalong worthy chorus and can be found on their Spotify. L.O.V.E it.