Gig Review | The Darkness | Barrowlands | 11.12.23

How can it be that 20 years ago our ears were delightfully exposed and pleasured with the sounds from the tasty album ‘Permission To Land’ by British glam rockers ‘The Darkness’!?

The British rockers formed back in 2000 are made up of Justin Hawkins (lead vocals and guitar), his brother Dan Hawkins (guitar and vocals), Frankie Poullain (bass guitar), and Rufus Taylor (drums).

Fans celebrated the milestone with the 20th anniversary of their first album ‘Permission To Land’ and expectingly,  the band played through their hit album but opened with ‘Welcome To Glasgae‘ – which actually isn’t featured on this album, however how could they not?! They are in the beautiful city of Glasgae! And, they even refer to the iconic Barrowland venue which hosted this fantastic gig! 

CC: 📸 @markcameron7 & // The Darkness Facebook Page

Opening with a bang, and I mean literally as confetti canons burst into the sea of energetic fans, each band member matched that with their fun, flair and passion. Each member brings so much creativity and unique individuality to the stage, but frontman Justin Hawkins has an absolute talent for being able to captivate the crowd. Entertaining is an understatement as he does an impressive handstand during ‘Keep Your Hands Of My Woman’. 

CC: 📸 @markcameron7 & // The Darkness Facebook Page

The dynamic between each of the band members is amazing and you can visibly see the fun they have with each other. I caught Justin running and high-fiving his brother/guitarist during ‘The Best Of Me‘, having a laugh with the pyros together and you can see the fun they all have together dancing and joking around. 

The way the band commanded the crowd without words during the start of ‘Love Is Only A Feeling‘ standing in position ready to clap in unison, and the crowd naturally starting to sway their arms, proves the connection and love between fans and the band. 

The historic and special Barrowland ballroom dance floor was put to the test as Hawkins introduced ‘Holding On My Own‘ by saying “Let’s test that springy floor” keeping the energy and momentum going. 

But my personal favourite of the night was hearing the Christmas hit ‘Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)’ – it was December and I would happily hear this anytime in the year but hearing it at this time made it even more special. 

CC: 📸 @markcameron7 & // The Darkness Facebook Page

Of course, we also heard the absolute banger ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love‘ and the encore was so fun having all the members swap instruments, and banter among them and the crowd. It was such fun, it felt like I was watching a pantomime full of fun and laughter and charisma among them all. 

The Darkness well and truly celebrated this night, and fans joined in with this massive milestone!!