GIG REVIEW | Sunstinger w/ Niamh Corkey & T-A @ VENUE

The stage at Sneaky Petes was certainly not lacking in talent with Saturday 21st January playing host to a sold out bill of truly excellent bands. 

First up was Niamh Corkey, a solo female artist with a lead guitarist, who on other evenings form part of the larger group Jupiter Strange another top band from Dunfermline. The two performed a variety of well written songs in which structure was given through an acoustic guitar and a solo female vocalist. Accompanying the vocals, was a Lead guitarist, providing a relatively clean sound it brought the songs to life, even leading a member of the crowd exclaim “that boy certainly knows his way around a Stratocaster”. I’m hoping to catch them again when they next pass through Edinburgh and if you haven’t checked out make sure to do so!

Second on the bill was T-A, a terrific act in which it would send the genre of post-punk most fittingly applies. The set saw a plethora of fantastic songs in which an enigmatic bassist provided the vocals. The set moved and swayed through its course with the lead guitarist serving the song impeccably. As a result, I can’t help but find myself heavily recommending T-A to those of my friends that are fans of bands such as Idles so make sure to check their Spotify out below! 

Finally, was Sunstinger. The band had managed to achieve popularity off the back of their single shadows which had been released in 2021 and I eagerly anticipated the bands arrival on stage. By this point Sneaky Petes was crammed full and as the first chords travelled to the back of the narrow hall it was clear that this was an incredibly well polished band. Sounds reverberated around the room disguised in distortion reminiscent of what I could only have described as once hearing on loveless. The vocals served the songs beautifully, obviously through some sort of effect(s) they applied harmony to already overawing songs. The set veered through its course continually bubbling over into euphoric choruses and I couldn’t help but feel disappointed when it came to its end. There’s not enough good things I could say about this band, an absolutely phenomenal act!